Website acceleration
CDN is perfect for web portals, e-commerce platforms, information apps, and UGC-focused apps. It can accelerate the delivery of images and small HTML, CSS, and JS files.
File download acceleration
CDN is suitable for websites, game clients, and app stores that provide file download services, and download tools. It is used in scenarios such as downloading game installation packages and application packages, and updating the ROM on mobile phones.
On-demand service acceleration
For customers providing on-demand audiovisual services, CDN is a must. On-demand services include online education, video sharing, music or video on demand, and other audiovisual content.
Whole site acceleration
CDN is a good option for websites that consist of both dynamic and static content and for sites that involve a large number of ASP, JSP, or PHP requests.
4. Diverse Applications
Suniway CDN can speed up the delivery of content like a web page, an entire website, a live stream, or a large file for download. One-stop acceleration solutions for a range of scenarios improve the overall user experience.
2. Security
Suniway CDN provides secure and reliable content delivery services. Advanced network security functions, such as data transmission over HTTPS and hotlink protection, are applied throughout the entire network.
1. Global Presence
Suniway CDN has over 2000 edge nodes in the Chinese mainland and over 800 edge nodes outside the Chinese mainland. The network-wide bandwidth is at least 150 Tbit/s. Up to now, Suniway CDN covers more than 130 countries and regions, connecting to over 1600 carrier networks. CDN precisely schedules user requests to the most appropriate edge nodes, providing efficient and reliable acceleration.
3. Easy Operations
You can simply and quickly access domain names to HUAWEI CLOUD CDN. You can customize configuration items including hotlink protection, cache policy, and HTTPS certificates for domain names. You can easily analyze statistics and manage logs.
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