Avoid legal risks
SUNIWAY Behavior Management ICG provides online log auditing functions that comply with the 82 order of the Ministry of Public Security, accurately locates violations of laws and regulations in the network, and avoids legal risks brought by such incidents for enterprises and schools.
Improve work efficiency
Provide employees with Internet access policies for enterprises, and the ICG Internet Health Internet Behavior Management ICG avoids excessive work time for employees by restricting access to entertainment content and setting bandwidth limits.
Prevent information leakage
NetHealth Internet Behavior Management ICG comprehensively audits outgoing information and files, including email, IM\SNS, network disk, FTP, etc., to effectively prevent leakage of confidential and sensitive information, and records outgoing logs at any time to ensure future traceability.
Business Intelligence Analysis
Visible online behavior
From the three dimensions of user identification, behavior perception, and content visualization, we can fully grasp the user's online behavior, so that the trend of the whole network can be visualized and abnormal events can be accurately located.
Optimizing bandwidth resources
Provide managers with online behavior data analysis services, form intelligent statistical reports, and see business trends such as work efficiency, compliance rate, and bandwidth utilization at a glance.
For different applications, different users are divided into different bandwidth levels. Netcom Internet behavior management can effectively prevent bandwidth killers such as P2P from exhausting resources, and give priority to ensuring that core business bandwidth such as OA, mail, and video conferencing will not be occupied, and solve the problem of network congestion.
4. A more complete real-name Internet access solution
6. More reliable application layer network devices
Netcom Internet Behavior Management provides more than 30 user authentication and identification methods, including Portal authentication, SMS authentication, etc., and can seamlessly connect with more than 100 third-party systems to achieve single sign-on, which can accurately identify users in any network.
Netcom's unique trinity bypass technology for online behavior management, user-insensitive HA dual-machine hot standby switching mechanism, and a system architecture that does not require restarting any configuration changes, ensuring high availability and high stability of customer networks.
2. More comprehensive network classification technology

Built-in the industry's most comprehensive application protocol signature library, covering nearly 4,500 applications and 600 types of mobile smart terminal APPs, NetHealth Internet Behavior Management can accurately identify various applications and manage and control at different granularities.
1. More advanced
Chinese URL filtering system
Netcom Internet Behavior Management ICG has the largest classified database in China, including more than 40 million Chinese web pages. It analyzes Internet URL dynamics in real time and updates the engine and data through the cloud, and provides more accurate website access audit management and control services.
3. Safer online data management capabilities
5. Advanced private WiFi management and control capabilities
Through a variety of mechanisms to effectively ensure that sensitive Internet data in the device will not be leaked: the separation of powers provides a decentralized data management mechanism, the U-Key & account name two-factor high-intensity authentication method ensures the legitimacy of access log personnel, and fully encrypted logs Storage and Access Assurance Audit data will not be leaked in storage or in transit
Netcom's unique application layer feature analysis technology can discover privately connected wifi in the network in a minute-level analysis cycle and can perform flexible management and control to ensure the legitimacy of access users and ensure that user network behaviors are manageable and controllable.
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