FDAS Fire Detection & Alarm System
Fire Alarm System solutions for every organization
We supply and install all your FDAS needs: >Fully Addressable & Conventional Control panels >Smoke & Heat Detectors >Modules >Alarm Devices >Inert-gas Fire Suppression Systems VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detectors
Save on wiring with our solutions!

What are fire detectors?
Every building requires a certified FDAS prior to the issuance of an occupancy permit. A fire alarm system is an investment in the safety of the building, contents and occupants.
All FDAS use smoke detectors and heat sensors to detect a fire before it reaches critical levels. Depending on your needs, you can choose from Zone, Semi-Addressable or Fully-Addressable FDAS.
Economical Conventional Zone System identifies smoke or fire in zones of a building and signals the alarm.
Fully-Addressable Systems employ sensors with a MAC address that allows the fire panel to pinpoint the exact room and specific location of every detector where a fire is detected, saving precious minutes when the fire is still small.
VESDA Systems are special detectors that can sniff minute particles in the air well before a fire can be detected by conventional detectors.
Why install a system for you business?
01  Security
02  Savings
Early fire detection can save the lives of building occupants and limit damage to property. Interruption of your operation is also minimized. Our Fire Alarm Systems can integrate with PA (public address)/ emergency evacuation systems for added safety as well as access control systems to unlock all doors and optionally disable elevators in case of a fire.
Our Singapore-trained fire safety engineer can design an FDAS system that meets your security needs at an affordable cost. Our Kidde Vigilant panels are modular and connectable saving 50% on wiring vs a larger panel. For high-value areas like server rooms and museums, we install inert gas fire suppression systems with VESDA “smoke-sniffer” detectors that alarm at the first sign of smoke, before the start of a fire.
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