Public Address, Background Music and Emergency Evacuation Systems PA/BGM

We supply and install full PA Systems:

1、Source:  Mic, CD Recorder, Tuner, Remote
2、Controller:  Software, Control, Mixers, Transmitters, Receivers 3、Amplifier:  Table, Rack , Power AMP 4、Speaker:  Ceiling, Column, Wall, Horn, Line Array, Point Source, Powered 5、Accessories:  Stand, Blank Panel, Wall Volume, Attenuator Complete Conference Room Solution

Clear, direct communication for your organization
Efficient Communication
Security and Ease
What is a public address system?
A PA System is a system made up of an input source like a microphone, amplifiers, speakers and a controller. It allows you to communicate from a central panel to multiple or single areas in a building. You can assign zones which enables the ability to specify areas that will receive the broadcast announcement, alarm or page.

Connect individual rooms in larger buildings with locally-controlled microphones to facilitate lectures or announcements.
You can include a Conference Room System for formal meetings which can be recorded in the central system.
Built-in mixers and FM tuners allow background music.
PA can be connected to the Fire Detection System to automate fire announcements and evacuation requests.

Efficient Communication
Communicate quickly and effectively to a large public in various and/or specific zones of a building such as in supermarkets, malls, hospitals, schools, municipal halls and churches; and in large open areas like parking garages, stadiums and industrial zones.

Broadcast music to all areas of your restaurant, hotel, commercial centers and offices.

Security and Ease
Quickly broadcast announcements and mobilize evacuations rapidly saving precious time during emergencies.
Integrate with your fire detection system and automatically broadcast an evacuation notice and an alarm throughout the building.
Easy to operate, low maintenance, minimal space, economical cabling and the flexibility for expansion.

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