IP Converged PABX
We supply and install the best PABX System for your organization with advanced features at half the price:
>Multi-location Telephony Integrated & Scalable Gateways with SIP Proxy and Peer-to-Peer Calling Universal Media Gateway with VoIP, GSM/3G, T1/E1 PRI, ISDN BRI & POTS networks on a single platform
Seamless communication with our PABX Systems
What is a PABX and why should I install one?
A converged IP PBX is a complete telephone system that provides communication over IP data networks.
1. Inter-office and Intra-office conference capability 2. Presence feature allows following calls, meaning a call not picked up on a desk phone will automatically forward to a mobile device, home phone, etc. 3. Accessing of calls, messaging and voicemails from any of the devices irrespective of their location. 4. Multiple offices and factory branches can be controlled and interconnected using a single VOIP PABX located in the head office with just IP phones located in branches.

1. Convenient intercompany and external communication with the ability to transfer calls within a building or to branch offices locally or internationally 2. Increased employee productivity: whether inside office or on-the-move 3. Never miss a customer call with 24/7 auto attendant and voicemail 4. Conduct conference calls

1. Ability to connect all departments and employees seamlessly with solutions for small, medium and large organizations from 16 extensions to thousands. 2. Mobility: work from anywhere, anytime 3. Scalable: connect all your offices using one Master Server, just add VoIP phones; easily support the growth of your business with advanced features

1. Save on phone bills, make international & NDD calls for free via VOIP through branch offices while optimizing internet bandwidth 2. Save on phone lines & additional wiring; reduce devices and new infrastructure 3. Reduce travel charges within office premise & between office & field resources 4. Save 50% compared to similar systems 5. Perpetual licenses: no yearly renewal & 3-year warranty, the longest in the industry
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