Smart Video Intercoms Condominium Internet Of Things
Increase security and the value of your units with our Condominium IoT Solutions
We supply and install smart video intercoms in high and medium-rise condominiums, large houses, compounds or villas and other buildings:
1、Smart Home IoT, Home Security, Modum Systems & One UTP Solutions,Videophones & Interphones 2、Doorphones, Guard Phones & Lobby Phones, Entrance Stations, Gate View Monitor, Elevator Connector & Distributors 3、Digital & Smart Door Locks, LED Lights, Door Cameras and Bidets, Knx

Smart Video Intercoms allow condominium residents to view visitors and CCTV from their residence.

A condominium building which employs an efficient video intercom system increases security and adds up to 15% on the value of the units.

What are Smart Video Intercoms & why should I install it?




>The concierge can check-in guests & call to confirm the visit on the video lobby phone Modern IoT video intercom systems can see not only a visitor but various CCTV cameras & can be integrated with Smart Phones to allow the resident to view visitors when out of the residence. Elevators can be controlled by the system so that visitors will only be allowed on specific floors. RFID building entry locks can also be integrated Panic Button on video panel for medical or security emergencies.
>The concierge can call a resident for deliveries. Non-urgent messages can be posted on the video wall panel. The video wall monitor can be integrated with smartphones and smart door locks to allow remote door opening. A Smart video intercom can also control lights, curtains, air conditioning and other appliances as well as incorporate a gas detector and intrusion detector module.
>Increase the value of your property by at least 15%. Remotely control connected home systems at home or away allowing for more efficient energy & electric use.
>Automation technology will improve your appliance use and overall make your home life easier and more enjoyable. >More affordable audio-only systems still allow communication to the concierge.
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